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Is this still being developed? Is it offline now, as per the last comment?

Help, when I open the launcher everything loads correctly, but in the main menu "Server status: offline" appears, and the login and register buttons are dark

I might have to take A4C offline in the coming months. Seems these outages have become more frequent. Our host has been wonderful for several years, but the software just might be peaking at the state where it was last updated.

Oh no :( I just wanted to start playing this game, hope you guys can fix it soon.

I can think of Deloria Online. Well if you need an audio guy for a jam then check out my portfolio

Thanks, Paul! We'll let you know if we move into a profitable state. Right now we're more or less a hobby company, and it's important to pay musicians a fair rate for your services... when we can, we will!

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Thx you flatter me but this time I'm here to learn something new and join some nice teams for a jam. no strings  attached. My friend told me it'll help me spread my wings way faster and it's a perfect place for me. Maybe new fanbase, maybe some other new clients willing to pay, new dev partners, who knows? Not that I'm an aspiring programmer but probably some knowledge trade won't hurt right? And learning some sfx implementation basics for UE4 or other engines might always come in handy and widen my services  versatility. And I know that too well nowadays music industry needs more sound designers than  old school composers/session musicians

Sounds great! We'll be needing some of this, so if you have explored our game and would like to contribute something that would be a fit, pro bono, please do!

Obviously, we'd credit you, of course!

 Got Discord channel or sth? It'd be easier to stay in touch, here's my ID -  Paul Henderson#8460

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We have switched over to the latest version of the Intersect Engine! A bigger update is forthcoming, but for now, please try re-downloading the game as it is running on its best core, yet! And let us know about any errors you find!

Today, we did some work on the server and fixed some things on the game launcher's host site that was keeping a few people from being able to load the game.  Give her a go and report bugs if you can.

We're also considering releasing the assets and server for the game, so people can host their own A4Cs and mess around with the game, themselves.

I am always get Error:The Intersect Client has encountered an error and must close.Error information can be found in logs/errors.log


Can you send the log to me in a private note? I know the good people at Intersect, as they work on this engine, are always interested in hearing about bugs, and there's a good chance someone else has had this problem.

I can't send you private message on or in Twitter. 0.0


I actually have been getting the same error. Seems something is running incompatible with the server, which is getting downloaded into content. I'll have our file manager take a look at it. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for your time and your reply,can't wait that You fix the game so I can finaly play it.Even if I am 24 years old,I still love the Dinosaurs and their story,and this game is realy realy awesome!


I'm glad! I talked with someone server-side and they think it's a bug on the engine's side. Our engine is in constant development, so in updating, it tends to throw things out of whack. We're gonna try to stabilize this