Looking Ahead for Age of the Four Clans

Ladies and Gentleman, our engine is calmed.

Looking back, the story of A4C can, in so many ways, be a direct parallel to the story of its engine, Intersect. We'd write a plan for the game, get to work, invariably find a feature that the core software wasn't capable of handling yet, work around it, trash it, or delay it, and move on. The process was frustrating at times, but it became way more interesting to work on a game whose central mechanics weren't all polished, yet. Having a new version of your engine was like opening up Christmas presents, and our days leading to an update were spent dreaming of what new features the devs were preparing to gift us with. It's been some time, but Intersect is now running a smooth beta, with only the odd bug fix here and there showcased as any new version's main attraction.

And so we look forward. As of today, our server is running on Intersect's own hosting platform, as it has done for over a year now. Our core team has changed substantially, but we all still believe in the little dinosaur game we started working on back in 2015. It is our hope that bringing more content to the game in the way of storyline, items, enemies, maps, quests and other things, will fill the void of huge new features being added, month to month. 

The engine may be at rest, but EVOLV is not.

To the future!



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May 29, 2019

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