Harmonic Odyssey Developments for January 2022

Hello, greetings, good day and salutations, folks!

It's been a while since we've had an update, I realize -- and I know I warned everyone back in September about uprooting and moving operations down the road, but I certainly wasn't expecting to not have the time to get some updates until the new year. Yet, here we are and I'm happy to say, things are getting back to normal in terms of game dev-ing.

No video this time -- but I do have a studio tour in the works! We'll get back to doing videos intermittently for those of you who miss them. Right now, I think it'd be easier to outline what's been worked on in the last couple of weeks with Harmonic in a written format. So, here it is...

  • Chapter two - Basically complete!
    • Story, cutscene, and narrative stuff is done!
    • Map (Grey City, part 2) done!
    • Map select screen functional, just needs skinned.
  • Chapter 3 - Ouroborra map - nearing completion!
    • Lots of work done with NPCs, enemies, and battle backgrounds.
    • Storyline written, first half pretty much done and second half, started.
    • Boss battle nearly complete. Boss (The Sabretooth) is functional, and just needs balanced with the powerups the team will have at their disposal.
  • Chapter 3 - Yig'Drasil map - got some enemies done, but not a lot of work with the map, yet.
    • Storyline is written, but this is a complex area, so a little more planning needs done before it's realized in-game
    • Boss battle is nearly complete, as well. The boss (The Leviathan) functions well, but has his quirks with how he disappears and reappears during attacks. Also will have the usual balance needing done before finalized.
  • Chapter 3 - Aum map - Started, with several areas mapped out, lots of NPCs, a few enemies
    • Storyline of first half (third?) is done. This map is less complex than Yig'Drasil, but is nonetheless a bit of a maze to work through. I'm plugging along, though, because it's terribly interesting.
    • Boss battle (The Raptor) is nearly complete here, too. Basically just needs balanced a bit, and I have to make a decision regarding how one of his freeze attacks behaves.
  • Chapter 4, after the three zones, will take place back on the main Grey City Map, so that's done. Just need to write it out and make two more bosses.
  • Chapter 5 - Will there be a Chapter 5? Probably. Even if it's hidden.

So that's the long and short of it. Is there a lot yet to do, especially for a solo-dev? Yeah, probably, but I've been working for two years on this little hobby game of mine, so I don't see myself running out of steam, now. Plus, my husband's come on board to give me some ideas on the days I get stuck, which has helped a lot.  I'm one of those people who gets caught up over tiny details, and having the instant feedback of someone to bounce ideas off of has been a blessing.

Along with these big things, some aesthetic items have been taken care of (new animations, changing the colors on health bars in battles, etc. etc.) which seem trivial but I think make a big difference in comfort and immersion while playing. 

So that's what's been happening for the last couple of weeks! Expect more videos, soon, and we'll slowly roll back into a monthly update schedule, I promise. Meantime, enjoy these screenshots...

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